Semi-precious Gemstone

About the Artist...

Each one of a kind piece of RockíN Horse jewelry is designed and crafted solely by me in the Pacific Northwest. Carefully chosen, semi-precious gemstones, ethnic findings, vintage pieces, glass, bone and shell beads, sterling silver and various other metals are used to ensure each piece is distinctive.

RockíN Horse Designs began when I was searching for jewelry to reflect my style. Some items were almost right and others had just a few components that attracted me. I then reconfigured the desirable parts into designs that were truly unique. This triggered my passion for beading so I began attending bead shows, scouring the internet and shopping on all my travels for the perfect items.

Soon people were begging to buy necklaces right off my neck. At first the thought of selling was never considered but the realization I couldnít keep everything arose when I had over a hundred pieces. I couldnít fathom the idea of slowing down or quitting beading so RockíN Horse Designs was born. Now itís exciting to see my work being worn and enjoyed by others.

No design is ever duplicated exactly. Each customer is unique and can be assured of expressing their individuality knowing they will never see their piece on anyone else. Cookie cutter jewelry is okay for some but you deserve a design thatís truly extraordinary. Itís especially gratifying when customers say how much they enjoy my designs and the compliments they receive while wearing them.

When not busy in the bead room I enjoy trail riding, team penning and ranch sorting which is reflected in the many western and equestrian designs. Nature also plays a huge role in choices of color and style. Living on 18 acres of pasture and woods flanked by an ever changing river inspires many of my creations.

RockíN Horse Designs also does custom orders so customers can really express who they are and how they feel. Do you have a special outfit that needs a coordinating necklace or earrings? Do you have a piece of jewelry that would be perfect with some alterations but you just donít wear it the way it is? I can help! Please feel free to contact me at



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